Conrad the Photographer 
Conrad is a busy commercial and social photographer. He’s incredibly creative and loves what he does. As is often the case with “creatives” he hates what he considers to be “mundane” work – raising invoices when work is completed, answering emails and chasing payments as necessary. If you were to ask him, he would say that these tasks interrupt his “creative flow”! Conrad gives a very personal service so takes care of his own bookings whilst we oversee his diary management. 
How we help Conrad 
Conrad pre-purchases from us a package of 5 hours per month. This is usually enough to keep on top of all these tasks for him and to keep his cash flowing in the right direction. If he’s having a particularly busy month then he has the option to increase our time by the hour, as necessary. He loves that we invoice his clients and deal with his credit control, his clients are happy that they are being billed in a timely manner. Win-win. 
Gerard the Plumber 
Gerard has spent several years building up one of the most successful plumbing businesses in the area. His services are in huge demand and his working week is always fully booked from one week to the next. 
Whilst he’s an excellent plumber he found himself working late into the night and at weekends just to keep on top of his paperwork – invoicing clients and chasing any overdue payments. In addition to this he was finding it hard to manage his diary – trying to accommodate “emergencies” alongside of his regular bookings for annual boiler services etc. 
How we help Gerard 
Gerard purchases 20 hours a month from us, sometimes more on a 5-week month. It equates to 5 hours per week. We can keep his diary full, without him travelling miles between appointments, we work with him using a third-party software programme which schedules all his work, sends out quotes and invoices and we also collect payments for him. Some of the hours we do for him are early evening when people are home. Because he has his pricing worked out fully, we are often able to answer his emails and send out quotes for him. 
The difference working with us has made to Gerard is considerable. He’s already planning several holidays this year, safe in the knowledge that we will keep everything monitored for him and he will come back to a full diary of work. 
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